Global Cartel Enforcement Report Year-End 2018

January 24, 2019

At $3.6 billion, worldwide cartel fines in 2018 decreased by 17%, down from $4.2 billion in 2017, even though antitrust enforcers around the world continued to impose significant penalties.

These developments—as well as in-depth analyses of emerging trends, continuing activities, key enforcement efforts, and judicial updates—are highlighted in the Morgan Lewis’s Global Cartel Enforcement Report Year-End 2018, produced by members of the firm’s leading antitrust and competition practice. Among the findings:

  • More than half (51.3%) of total fines were imposed by Europe at $1.85 billion, followed by the Americas (22.5%) at $812.4 million
  • Australia and Singapore levied their largest fines ever: $34.6 million against a wire harness manufacturer and $19.6 million against suppliers of fresh chicken products, respectively
  • Concerns over the costs and burdens of leniency programs continued
  • Regulators continued to debate the role of algorithms and information exchanges in enforcement

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