Global Cartel Enforcement Report Year-End 2019

February 2020

Global cartel fines rebounded in 2019 with a 69% increase over 2018. At $6.1 billion, the fine level reached its highest point since 2016. Europe saw the biggest increase in fines, at $4.6 billion total, which accounted for more than three-quarters of the fines issued globally. The United States levied $220.8 million in fines, a 46% decrease, despite being very active in prosecutions of individuals and conducting several criminal trials last year.

These developments are highlighted in Morgan Lewis’s Global Cartel Enforcement Report Year-End 2019, produced by members of the firm’s leading antitrust and competition practice. Among the findings:

  • Domestic cartel enforcement activity was high, with the EU member states, South Korea, and Japan accounting for the most activity.
  • Significant fines were imposed in international cartel cases, including a blockbuster fine imposed by the European Union on various financial institutions.
  • Enforcement authorities are developing new tools and programs to discover and prosecute cartels.

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