Japan Tightens Border Measures For Entrants From China

January 11, 2023

While keeping no-visa entry from China for eligible nationals, on-arrival testing and a negative test result certificate are required for entrants from China due to the COVID-19 outbreak in China.

The below border measures have been imposed on individuals who enter Japan beginning 12:00 am on January 12, 2023, if the flight is a direct flight from China (including Macau but excluding Hong Kong) or if the individuals have traveled within China (excluding Macau and Hong Kong) within seven days prior to entry. [1]

  • Entrants in Japan arriving by direct flights from China (including Macau but excluding Hong Kong) are all required to have obtained negative test result certificates within 72 hours prior to their departure.
  • All entrants within the scope will be subject to on-arrival testing. If the test result is positive, quarantine measures will be imposed.
  • Prior registration through the Visit Japan Website is strongly recommended. If the entrant has not completed registration, the procedure at the border will likely be time consuming.

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Mai Ishii (Licensed Professional – Administrative Procedure) and Ayako Hiraiwa (Licensed Professional – Commercial Registrations & Administrative Procedure) contributed to this LawFlash.

[1] This LawFlash is based on information available as of January 10 on the Japanese government website