Outside Publication

Co-author, Chapter on European Competition Law, International Corporate Practice: A Practitioner’s Guide to Global Success (Practicing Law Institute), (First edition 2008, and subsequent updates)


Of Counsel Joanna Christoforou is a contributing author to the chapter on European Competition Law.

International Corporate Practice enables you to develop a comprehensive global legal department and provides direction on structuring, staffing, and budgeting, as well as on the use of foreign legal consultants and outsourcing.

Written by some of the nation’s leading corporate attorneys, International Corporate Practice helps you to:

  • Develop compliance programs that minimize clients’ legal exposure in foreign markets
  • Commercialize intellectual property
  • Evaluate and effect successful mergers and acquisitions abroad
  • Structure effective international project financing transactions
  • Ensure clients satisfy international guidelines crucial to their global viability, including financial reporting standards, transfer pricing rule, and environmental requirements
  • Manage legal challenges facing clients overseas

International Corporate Practice also includes helpful case studies, checklists, and sample documents.