Fast Break: DOJ Compliance Guidance

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27 июня 2019 г.
03:00 - 03:45 Eastern Daylight Time
02:00 - 02:45 Central Daylight Time
12:00 - 12:45 Pacific Daylight Time

This month, we're bringing you a very special Fast Break Live. This session will feature a live video broadcast as we sit down with Jonelle Saunders, a healthcare fraud and compliance lawyer, to discuss recent updates to the US Department of Justice's corporate compliance guidance. Here's how it will work: for those of you who've registered, we will circulate the Fast Break deck in advance of the session. On June 27, join us at 3:00 pm ET as you normally do. Instead of a deck with audio, you'll automatically be connected to our live video feed. If you have any questions in advance, please send them in, but we will handle questions during the live event as well.


  • Background and history of DOJ's compliance guidance
  • Purpose, ramifications, and applications of the compliance guidance
  • How might the compliance guidance play out for various healthcare organizations?