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Life Sciences Industry Offers Investors High Risks, Rewards, Hong Kong Business


Partner Lesli Ligorner and managing associate Bill Huang spoke with Hong Kong Business about how Asian investors are navigating regulatory, intellectual property (IP), and national security challenges in the life sciences industry.

Lesli said companies are taking a variety of measures to protect their IP, including conducting thorough due diligence, securing robust representations and warranties, and implementing agreements with employees and business partners that cover confidentiality and noncompetition. “As many transactions are of a cross-border nature, companies often also need to strategize on IP protection globally, so that they are able to obtain effective protection of their IP and multiple jurisdictions,” she said.

According to Bill, some investors are adapting their strategies to mitigate and manage risk associated with increased regulatory scrutiny. “Asian investors are striving to comprehend the policy changes and enforcement trends, and formulating investment strategies to ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations or finding solutions to achieve their strategic goals,” he said.

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