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Health Law Scan

Legal Insights and Perspectives for the Healthcare Industry

What do you associate with the month of May? Warmer weather, Mom, graduations, and Memorial Day? Or perhaps who seized control of the Iron Throne after eight seasons of watching Game of Thrones? For Health Law Scan, May ushered in a number of noteworthy developments, from a Supreme Court decision that expanded the ability of whistleblowers to bring False Claims Act (FCA) cases to the government’s creative uses of the Travel Act in healthcare fraud prosecutions. In between, we examined the DOJ’s criteria for cooperation credit in FCA matters and its updated guidance on what makes an effective compliance program. On the policy front, we analyzed bipartisan legislation on drug price transparency approved by the House Ways and Means Committee and efforts by the Florida legislature to deregulate healthcare. And in this month’s “Tele-Tuesday” feature, we took a closer look at the Medicare Advantage telehealth flex rule.

So if you missed a blog post, or an enticing webinar from our annual Technology May-rathon, it’s not too late to catch up: