CLE Courses

Arbitration: Problems, Solutions & Developments

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
01:00 AM ET

Morgan Lewis' Labor and Employment partner Thomas A. Linthorst will be joining a panel of speakers on the Pennsylvania Bar Institute's "Arbitration: Problems, Solutions & Developments" event.

Highlights include:

  • Studies and empirical evidence on the merits and drawbacks of arbitration
  • The National Consumer Roundtable on Arbitration
  • Understanding the costs, benefits, outcomes and players in arbitration and justice
  • How Pennsylvania, the only state with both statutory and common law arbitration, differs in its approach
  • Exploring the differences between Pennsylvania arbitration and the FAA

July 31, 2013
9 am–12:15 pm

The CLE Conference Center
Wanamaker Bldg., 10th Fl
Suite 1010
Juniper St.
Philadelphia, PA