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Conferences and Speeches

Law Seminars International’s Energy Markets and Development in California – San Francisco

Monday, November 2, 2015 {ml-event-to} Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Morgan Lewis is pleased to announce that environmental partner William D. Kissinger and energy partner Stephen M. Spina will be speaking at Law Seminars International’s Energy Markets and Development in California conference.

The conference will explore energy efficiency and distributed low-carbon generation, the need for storage in light of California’s newly enacted 50% renewable portfolio standard, developments on transmission and the California Independent System Operator’s expanded energy imbalance markets, and the electrification of transportation as a driver for future load growth, as well as whether nuclear power could make a comeback.

Introduction and Overview
Monday, November 2 | 8:30 am
As program co-chair, partner William D. Kissinger will open the conference with introductory remarks and facilitate discussions by and among the panelists.

Ambitious Plans at the State and Federal Levels: Update on Federal and State Clean Energy and Transportation Policy Initiatives
Monday, November 2 | 8:45 am
Stephen M. Spina will participate in a panel discussion. His remarks will focus on the Clean Power Plan and its implications for generation, infrastructure development, and reliability.