Environmental Counseling & Litigation

Our team delivers customized counseling on environmental permitting, compliance, risk avoidance, and crisis management, as well as transactional and litigation matters. As one of the first environmental practices established at a major law firm, we have a powerful historical perspective on evolving public and legislative policy, coupled with experience across industries. Our clients include those in the manufacturing, chemicals, energy, transportation, real estate, and retail sectors. We focus on preventing problems to protect our client’s bottom line.

Our lawyers perform internal audits, train employees, and provide customized reference materials designed to assist our clients in complying with applicable laws and regulations. We leverage our trial skills as a negotiating tool when defending private or public agency lawsuits, handling cost-recovery actions, negotiating environmental remedies, and compelling insurance coverage for environmental liabilities. In emergencies, we deploy a coordinated crisis team at any hour to facilitate an effective response.