Conferences and Speeches

ACI’s 33rd International Conference on the FCPA

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 {ml-event-to} Friday, December 2, 2016

Litigation partner Eric Sitarchuk will be speaking at a panel entitled “The Yates Memo One Year Later: How Companies, Their Executives and Outside Counsel are Now Approaching Their Roles, Investigations, Ethics and Accountability” at the ACI’s 33rd International Conference on The FCPA in Washington, DC. Litigation partner Alison Tanchyk will be speaking at a panel entitled ”Preserving Attorney-Client Privilege during Corruption Audits and Investigations.”

Widely regarded as the premier, flagship anti-corruption conference, this event marks one of the few worthwhile opportunities to interface with senior U.S. and foreign government officials, corporate executives and leading outside counsel. The 2016 program includes an enhanced focus on global compliance benchmarking through the inclusion of “Compliance Think Tanks” and a “Compliance LAB”. Equally, the conference includes more in-depth discussion of third party due diligence at two, intensive working groups. The program also includes “Special Industry Groups” — highly anticipated, smaller group interactions.