Asset Tracing and Enforcement Involving Russian/CIS Parties

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The trend of splitting assets among various jurisdictions (especially to prevent enforcement against them) is a never-ending saga and will remain hot in coming years. As regulations change, ownership structures become more complex, but development of technology offers new possibilities.

Dmitry Ivanov and Peter Sharp from Morgan Lewis, and Andrew Bayer and Denis Korolev of E&Y Moscow, will speak about the pros and cons of engaging in assets tracing as part of the legal enforcement actions against assets located in Russia/CIS and Europe.

Topics include:

  • Discuss various topics and typical situations where a need for an assets tracing will arise 
  • Elaborate on strategies and key cornerstones for making an assets tracing most efficient and productive
  • Uncover most common mistakes the parties make in approaches to assets tracing
  • Forensic assistance in identifying and locating assets, including use of various corporate intelligence sources and forensic IT tools
  • Framing it in a legal context, to make the tracing exercise a successful legal enforcement
  • Practical case study