Morgan Lewis Seminars

How to Obtain A Strong Patent or Attack a Patent to Help Win Litigation or Minimize Infringement Risks - Shanghai

Tuesday, July 23, 2019
11:30 AM - 05:30 PM China Standard Time

Morgan Lewis partners with patent litigation and prosecution experience will share insights for obtaining strong patents to protect your company’s US market share and for defending your company against patent infringement allegations of competitors or non-practicing entities (NPEs). This seminar is designed to help you quickly and effectively understand the value of your patents and any patent claim risks you may confront, whether in litigation or transactions.


  • Litigation strategies in view of recent US patent litigation trends and important cases
  • How patent claims and claim constructions shape outcome of US patent litigation
  • Best practices for writing valuable patent claims and for identifying weaknesses in the patent claims of others
  • How to strengthen your patents before filing a patent litigation, and how to attack an asserted patent
  • Best practices for efficient and effective US patent claim assessments that are useful for freedom to operate investigations, due diligence for corporate transactions, licensing negotiations, and early litigation assessments
  • A checklist of issues that we typically analyze for US patent valuations and risk assessments