If you are a fan of writing product or service reviews for sites such as Yelp, then California law just made it a lot easier for you to do so. The state recently passed a new law that makes it unlawful to include nondisparagement clauses in consumer contracts.
As international agreements, particularly those in the technology sector, continue to become more common, how can you increase your chances of a predictable interpretation should “breach of contract” become an Olympic contest for your organization?
The stakes are higher than ever when it comes to your company’s online presence management (OPM), and you should be proactive in ensuring that your company is best positioned for success.
Last week, we discussed three important changes to California’s data breach law that become effective January 1, 2015.
Data breaches continue to make headlines, ringing alarms for companies at risk and for the regulators who look to control the risks involved.
Big Data: It is in the news every day, and industry researchers can't say enough about the potential value of data and predictions for the data analytics market.
With its latest iOS release, Apple may have charted a new course for the payment industry.
Companies spend millions of dollars on third-party software products to automate and integrate their operations—from operating systems (OS) for mainframe and distributed systems, to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, to end user applications.
Over the last two weeks, we discussed contract provisions designed to address the implementation of preventive security measures , as well as responding to security incidents . Our third and final blog post in this series focuses on contractual provisions that address the allocation of liability for breaches that result in security incidents.