Intellectual Property Rights Help Accelerate Innovation and Creativity Towards a Sustainable Future


As renewable energy becomes the world’s fastest-growing energy source, it is important for companies to protect their new innovations and leading-edge technologies that are driving us to a sustainable future. Comprised of lawyers, patent agents, and technical specialists, the Morgan Lewis Intellectual Property (IP) Renewable Energy Working Group helps companies remain vigilant in protecting their IP assets in an era of heightened competition where public sources of funding for renewable energy and clean and other low-carbon technologies have become increasingly prominent. Our team pulls from a deep bench of industry experience and credentialed backgrounds including former research scientists, engineers, corporate counsel, and US Patent and Trademark Office patent examiners who are well-versed in a variety of renewable energy, cleantech, and other emerging technologies that are used to increase energy efficiency and conserve natural resources.

On this World IP Day, members of the Morgan Lewis IP Renewable Energy Working Group share how IP rights help accelerate the innovation and creativity needed to advance the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable energy sources are dependent on the development of new technologies in a diverse range of industries including wind power, biofuels, geothermal, and energy storage. In the long run, the market incentive provided by IP rights is necessary to drive the private investment needed to achieve the world’s sustainable development goals. – C. Erik Hawes, Partner, Leader of the IP Renewable Energy Working Group, Houston

Two monumental forces - Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property - can work together to propel non-human progress, driving innovation, creativity, and sustainable development in a rapidly changing world. – Dion Bregman, Deputy Leader of the Intellectual Property Practice, Silicon Valley

At Morgan Lewis, we apply our technical and legal expertise to advance innovations addressing the challenges of the 21st century, such as renewable energy technologies. Securing intellectual property rights contributes to bringing these new technologies to market today, and promotes the follow-on innovations of tomorrow. – Jeffrey Killian, PH.D., Partner, Washington DC

Strong intellectual property rights are the keystone for accelerating investment in new technology necessary to advance SDG goals and incentivize a development cycle of improvements to existing technology. Not only do IP rights reward contributions to sustainable technology, they also encourage collaboration among researchers and companies committed to sustainable innovation. – Brent Hawkins, Managing Partner, San Francisco

Intellectual Property protection is fundamental in encouraging creativity and innovation.  In a burgeoning technological area like sustainable energy, this protection is even more essential so that inventors and creators can recoup their development costs and incentivize new developments to attain Sustainable Development Goals. – Melissa Story, Associate, Houston

Securing and protecting intellectual property rights in renewable energy can incentivize innovation and reward creativity for one of the most critical drivers of sustainable development. Our focus on renewable energy allows us to readily deploy relevant industry knowledge and legal experience for our clients. - Sujohn Das, Associate, Houston

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