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New Jersey Becomes the Third State to Pass a Law Prohibiting Racial Discrimination on the Basis of Hair, The Fashion Law

January 20, 2020

A LawFlash written by Morgan Lewis partners August Heckman and Terry Johnson was cited in a Fashion Law article about recent legislation in New Jersey that prohibits racial discrimination on the basis of hair. “The law, on its face, is not limited to hair discrimination,” they note in the LawFlash. “Hair is secondary to—and, in fact, only an example of—the main thrust of the statutory language, which bars discrimination based on ‘traits historically associated with race.’” However, as noted in the LawFlash, the CROWN Act does not explicitly establish “what else constitutes ‘traits historically associated with race’ (aside from hair),” nor does it “set forth any criteria, standard, test, or even guidelines for determining what else qualifies.” 

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