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Press Release

IFLR1000 2021 Ranks Morgan Lewis as a Leading Financial and Corporate Law Firm

October 08, 2020

NEW YORK, October 8, 2020: Morgan Lewis has earned 48 practice rankings and 108 individual lawyer recognitions in IFLR1000 Financial and Corporate 2021. The annual guide ranks the leading financial and corporate law firms and lawyers around the world, based on transactional capabilities, as well as client and peer feedback.

The firm secured practice rankings across eight regions covered by the guide. The firm also earned new rankings in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Additionally, 108 Morgan Lewis lawyers earned select designations: Market Leader, Highly Regarded, Notable Practitioner, and Rising Star.



  • Financial and Corporate
  • Project Development


  • Project Development: Power



  • M&A – Foreign: Private Equity – Foreign
  • Capital Markets – Foreign

Hong Kong

  • Capital Markets: Equity
  • Corporate and M&A: M&A
  • Corporate and M&A: Private Equity
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Real estate funds


  • Banking and Finance: Banking
  • Banking and Finance: Project Finance
  • Capital Markets: Debt
  • Capital Markets: Equity
  • Corporate and M&A: M&A
  • Project Development: Mining
  • Restructuring and Insolvency


  • Banking and Finance
  • Capital Markets: Debt
  • Capital Markets: Equity
  • Corporate and M&A: M&A
  • Investment Funds
  • Project Development: Foreign
  • Project Development: Project Development
  • Restructuring and Insolvency

United Arab Emirates

  • Capital Markets: Debt
  • Corporate and M&A: M&A

United Kingdom

  • Banking and Finance: Bank Lending: Borrower Side
  • Banking and Finance: Bank Lending: Lender Side
  • Capital Markets: Equity
  • Capital Markets: Structured Finance and Securitization
  • Corporate and M&A: M&A
  • Financial services regulatory: Non-contentious
  • Investment Funds: Real Estate Funds
  • Restructuring and Insolvency: Restructuring: Corporate

United States

  • Banking and Finance: Banking
  • Banking and Finance: Project Finance
  • Capital Markets: Derivatives
  • Capital Markets: Structured Finance and Securitization
  • Corporate and M&A: M&A
  • Corporate and M&A: Private Equity
  • Investment Funds: Hedge Funds
  • Investment Funds: Private Equity Funds
  • Investment Funds: Registered Funds
  • Project Development: Oil and Gas
  • Project Development: Power
  • Restructuring and Insolvency


  • Richard Aldridge: Highly Regarded-State
  • Felipe Alice: Rising Star
  • Reed D. Auerbach: Highly Regarded
  • Asem B. Bakenova: Rising Star
  • Jeannine T. Bishop: Notable Practitioner
  • Gitte J. Blanchet: Notable Practitioner
  • Harlyn Bohensky: Rising Star
  • Patricia F. Brennan: Notable Practitioner
  • Carter Brod: Highly Regarded
  • Steven C. Browne: Notable Practitioner
  • Andrew Budreika: Rising Star-State
  • Tom Cartwright: Highly Regarded
  • Laurie A. Cerveny: Highly Regarded-State
  • Justin W. Chairman: Highly Regarded-State
  • Tony Chan: Rising Star
  • Alexey Chertov: Rising Star
  • Steven M. Cohen: Notable Practitioner
  • Michael A. Conza: Notable Practitioner
  • Thomas V. D’Ambrosio: Highly Regarded
  • R. Alec Dawson: Notable Practitioner
  • Paul Denham: Notable Practitioner
  • Anastasia Dergacheva: Notable Practitioner
  • Jeffrey Dinerstein: Highly Regarded - State
  • Christopher J. Dlutowski: Rising Star
  • Joshua Dorchak: Rising Star
  • Bradley K. Edmister: Notable Practitioner
  • Frederick F. “Rick” Eisenbiegler: Highly Regarded
  • Charles E. Engros, Jr.: Notable Practitioner
  • Jennifer Feldsher: Rising Star
  • Laura E. Flores: Rising Star
  • Julia Frost-Davies: Rising Star
  • Matthew F. Furlong: Notable Practitioner
  • Andrew J. Gallo: Rising Star
  • Mark Geday: Notable Practitioner
  • Thomas P. Giblin, Jr.: Notable Practitioner
  • Sean Graber: Rising Star
  • Andrew Hamilton: Highly Regarded-State
  • Asa J. Herald: Rising Star
  • Jonathan H. Hines: Highly Regarded
  • Maurice Hoo: Highly Regarded
  • John Hood: Notable Practitioner
  • Alice Huang: Highly Regarded
  • Rachel Jaffe Mauceri – Rising Star – State
  • Bruce Johnston: Highly Regarded
  • Matthew P. Joseph: Highly Regarded
  • Howard A. Kenny: Notable Practitioner
  • Ayman A. Khaleq: Highly Regarded
  • John Klauberg: Highly Regarded
  • Theresa Kradjian: Highly Regarded
  • David Lawton: Rising Star
  • Marc R. Leduc: Rising Star
  • Suet-Fern Lee: Highly Regarded
  • Steve Levitan: Highly Regarded
  • Sin Teck Lim: Highly Regarded
  • Bernard Lui: Highly Regarded
  • Edwin Luk: Highly Regarded
  • Jeffrey S. MacDonald: Rising Star
  • Rob Mailer: Highly Regarded
  • Alexander V. Marchenko: Highly Regarded
  • Grigory Marinichev: Highly Regarded
  • Andrew Mariniello: Rising Star-State
  • James W. McKenzie, Jr.: Notable Practitioner
  • Christina Edling Melendi: Notable Practitioner
  • Thomas C. Mellor: Rising Star
  • Nicholas Moore: Highly Regarded
  • Jonathan D. Morris: Notable Practitioner
  • Finnbarr D. Murphy: Notable Practitioner
  • Steven A. Navarro: Notable Practitioner
  • Gina Ng: Notable Practitioner
  • Joo Khin Ng: Highly Regarded
  • Klara A. Nurgaziyeva: Rising Star
  • Humberto Padilla Gonzalez: Highly Regarded – State
  • Daniel I. Papermaster: Notable Practitioner
  • Michael M. Philipp: Highly Regarded
  • David W. Pollak: Notable Practitioner
  • Andrew M. Ray: Notable Practitioner
  • Paul B. Raymond: Rising Star
  • Harry T. Robins: Notable Practitioner
  • Robert G. Robison: Notable Practitioner
  • Philip W. Russell: Rising Star
  • Matthew Edward Schernecke: Rising Star
  • Etienne D. Shanon: Notable Practitioner
  • Kevin S. Shmelzer: Notable Practitioner
  • Aset Shyngyssov: Market Leader
  • David A. Sirignano: Notable Practitioner
  • Joanne R. Soslow: Highly Regarded
  • Mark Stein: Highly Regarded - State
  • Paul R. St. Lawrence: Rising Star
  • Marshall C. Stoddard, Jr.: Highly Regarded-State
  • Vasilisa Strizh: Notable Practitioner
  • Charles A. Sweet: Rising Star
  • Eric Tajcher: Notable Practitioner
  • Artem Tamaev: Rising Star
  • Stephen C. Tirrell: Rising Star
  • Carl A. Valenstein: Notable Practitioner
  • Ayesha Waheed: Highly Regarded
  • Chris Warren-Smith: Highly Regarded
  • Katherine G. Weinstein: Highly Regarded
  • Ian M. Wenniger: Rising Star
  • Jedd H. Wider: Notable Practitioner
  • Benjamin R. Wills: Notable Practitioner
  • Tomasz Wozniak: Notable Practitioner
  • Iain Wright: Notable Practitioner
  • Wai Ming Yap: Highly Regarded
  • Ning Zhang: Highly Regarded
  • Brian L. Zimbler: Highly Regarded