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Co-investing on Hot Streak as $126B Surges into Deals, FundFire

September 10, 2021

Co-investment activity is on a “hot streak” as investors have funneled money into individual deals alongside their private fund sponsors, signaling the growing trend is here to stay, and that new co-invest sidecar vehicles have firmly planted themselves in the marketplace. Speaking with FundFire on this trend, partner Courtney Nowell said, “The same attributes that have helped co-investing spread in popularity in recent years – the chance for LPs to increase bets in sectors and assets they favor, the ability to invest with no fee, no carry terms alongside managers they’ve already vetted – remain strong draws. But several factors have helped to accelerate the trend, including the huge amount of capital that private fund managers have raised in recent years, much of which is now moving to the deal investment mode – and throwing off additional co-investment opportunities.”

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