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These Law Firms Handle The Most False Claims Litigation, Law360

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Law360 covered the release of Lex Machina’s first-ever False Claims Litigation Report 2021, which named Morgan Lewis the most active defendants’ law firm from 2016 to 2020. The firm handled 29 cases in 19 districts during the five-year period addressed in the report. In the article revealing False Claims Litigation Report 2021’s findings, Eric Sitarchuk, chair of Morgan Lewis’s white collar and corporate investigations practice, highlighted the firm’s long experience in False Claims Act litigation, effectively going back to a significant 1980s amendment that incentivized whistleblowers to come forward and raised potential damages available to the government.

Morgan Lewis represents a wide variety of clients, such as government contractors, technology firms and banks, while continuing to bring in new attorneys with differing industry focuses. “We've been defending False Claims Act cases really for as long as civil False Claims Act cases have been brought by relators' counsel,” he said. “We have a very deep bench in the area, significant experience, and that's not limited to any subset of industries, but crosses the spectrum of industries that face False Claims Act litigation.”

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