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Morgan Lewis Partner Stars in First Trial Defense Win for Opioid Makers, The WILEF Tribune

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Partner Wendy West Feinstein’s role in securing the first trial defense victory in the national prescription opioids litigation on behalf of Teva Pharmaceuticals is detailed by The WILEF Tribune in a feature highlighting Wendy’s experience as a veteran trial lawyer. Wendy assumed lead responsibility for cross-examining some of the plaintiffs’ most critical expert and fact witnesses during the nearly five-month-long trial, which was conducted virtually from start to finish.

She singled out her direct-examination work as a key moment in the trial. “While I always seek to elicit key testimony through cross-examination of the plaintiff’s witnesses, one of the most memorable moments during this trial came during my direct examination of Dr. Edward Michna, an expert in the treatment of pain, who movingly described his experiences treating patients who regained their dignity and life because of one of our clients’ medications,” she said. “After discrediting evidence presented by the plaintiff, we wanted to provide testimony, not just lawyer argument, that our clients’ FDA-approved medications serve an important purpose for people who suffer from debilitating pain.”

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