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Litigation Prognostication: Big Firm Litigators Predictions for 2022, AmLaw Litigation Daily

Monday, December 20, 2021

AmLaw Litigation Daily featured comments from of counsel Nick Gess and associate Jaclyn Whittaker in a round-up of litigation predictions for 2022.

According to Nick, after a period of poor relations between federal agencies and state attorneys general, closer cooperation may be on the horizon. “We anticipate that both the FTC and state attorneys general will evaluate matters of prosecutorial interest for both antitrust (competition) and consumer protection authorities, and that they will pivot to the authority which yields the most likely positive—for them—result,” Nick said.

Jaclyn noted that when it comes to federal whistleblower cases, fewer than 300 of the 900 False Claims Act cases filed in 2020 have since been made public. “We expect a major flurry of activity in 2022 as these cases are unsealed and new matters are filed,” she said.

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