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Court Blocks Path to Recovery Against Commission Over Fake Obstetrician's Practice, The Legal Intelligencer

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Legal Intelligencer covered a federal judge’s decision to grant summary judgment in favor of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates—an organization that certifies international physicians to practice in the United States. This judgement was in relation to a negligent infliction of emotional distress suit brought by four women who learned that their former obstetrician-gynecologist —whom the defendant certified—was operating under a false identity and had never graduated medical school. Partner Brian Shaffer—who worked with partners Elisa McEnroe and Will Peterson in the case—said the decision establishes important parameters on emotional distress claims.

“It would have been concerning for defendants if the law allowed for negligent infliction of emotional distress claims where at the time of the original interaction you didn’t have any emotional distress,” said Brian.

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