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Big Boost For Renewables At Stake In Surprise Inflation Bill, Law360

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Partner Levi McAllister spoke with Law360 about the Inflation Reduction Act, which earmarks funds to encourage the purchase and development of clean vehicle technology. Levi commented on how this proposed legislation is another tool the Biden-Harris administration is deploying to meet its electric vehicle goals.

“When you look at any one piece of legislation in isolation, you think, ‘Well, gee, that isn't going to address the entire problem, or the entire raft of criticisms that have been lodged against EV deployment,’” Levi said.

“But when you look at everything in the aggregate, it's a little bit easier to see that a lot of the challenges that have been encountered by entities or individuals looking to get into EV ownership or EV manufacturing or charging station development are being addressed by all of these pieces of legislation put together.”

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