Press Release

Morgan Lewis Advises Bank of America in Debt-for-Nature Blue Bond Offering for Gabon

August 15, 2023

BOSTON, LONDON, August 15, 2023: Morgan Lewis represented Bank of America as sole initial purchaser and structuring agent on a $500 million offering of “blue bonds” for the purpose of refinancing sovereign debt of the Republic of Gabon and generating funds for biodiversity protection and nature-based resilience in Gabon’s national protected marine areas.

Partner Sandra Vrejan, along with partners Carter Brod, Charles Sweet, Peter Sharp, Peter Neger, Daniel Nelson, Julie Stapel, and Carl Valenstein and associates Gregory Mottla, Eliza Biswas, Petrina Mironis, Saba Habte, Kim Liu, Andrea Laprade, and Jodie Stoner, represented Bank of America.

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