An Introductory Guide to Arbitration in Asia | 摩根路易斯发布《亚洲国际仲裁指南》


The popularity of international arbitration as a preferred dispute resolution mechanism in Asia, reflecting ongoing engagement in cross-border investment across and from outside the region, has resulted in the continued development and refinement of national arbitral rules and laws across many of these jurisdictions.

This second edition of our Guide to International Arbitration in Asia covers the key elements of the arbitration frameworks in 14 key jurisdictions which have continued to attract significant investment activity. The Guide addresses commonly asked questions which global businesses should consider in connection with international arbitration proceedings in these jurisdictions and enforcement of arbitral awards across Asia. View the full report here.

Along with Morgan Lewis partners Justyn Jagger and Stephen Cheong (Singapore), Charles Mo (Hong Kong), Tsugumichi Watanabe (Tokyo) and Mitch Dudek and Todd Liao (China), we received valuable input on some areas of local law and practice during the preparation of this Guide from Ali Budiardjo, Nugroho, Reksodiputro (Indonesia); Chien Yeh Law Offices (Taiwan); DFDL (Cambodia); Lee & Ko (South Korea); Nishith Desai Associates (India); V&A Law Villaraza & Angangco (Philippines); Ariff Rozhan & Co. (Malaysia); YKVN (Vietnam); Weerawong, Chinnavat & Partners Ltd (Thailand); and U Tin Yu & Associates (Myanmar).

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