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Contributing Editor; The International Comparative Legal Guide to Lending and Secured Finance 2021, 9th Edition, Global Legal Group

April 2021

International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG) has published the Lending & Secured Finance Laws and Regulations 2021. This guide provides corporate counsel and international practitioners with a comprehensive worldwide legal analysis of the laws and regulations of lending and secured finance.

Thomas Mellor served as the contributing editor of the guide, a role he has held for the past eight years. Thomas, Marcus Marsh, and Michael Byrnes co-wrote the overview chapter of the guide, “An Introduction to Legal Risk and Structuring Cross-Border Lending Transactions,” and Thomas, Kate Weinstein, and Matthew Schernecke co-authored the USA country Q&A chapter, which provides a broad overview of common issues in lending and secured finance laws and regulations – including guarantees, collateral security, financial assistance, and syndicated lending/agency/trustee/transfers in the USA.

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