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Fraud Section’s 2022: A Year of Individual Accountability, Cooperation with Foreign Authorities & Pushing Compliance Programs, Corporate Compliance Insights

March 15, 2023

Partners Sandra Moser, Justin Weitz, and associate Erica Jaffe wrote an article for Corporate Compliance Insights discussing the Year in Review report for 2022 from the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ’s) Fraud Section.

The report showed that while the number of corporate resolutions declined, convicted individuals and trial convictions continued to rise. The Fraud Section recorded 342 individual convictions in 2022 compared to 329 in 2021.

“The 2022 numbers — and the upward trend leading up to 2022 — make clear that the Fraud Section is heeding the call to focus on individual accountability,” Sandra, Justin, and Erica wrote.

“DOJ leadership has made repeated public policy pronouncements about the importance of and focus on individual accountability.”

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