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CW2024 Panelists Discuss BYOD at Center of Off-Channel Comms Debate, Compliance Week

26 апреля 2024 г.

During a Compliance Week 2024 panel, our partners Amy Schuh, Justin Weitz, and Scott Milner discussed company policies and practices related to the ability to retain, collect, and produce communications residing on employees’ personal devices or in third-party messaging applications.

Commenting on companies’ policies regulating messaging of this kind, Amy noted that if they simply ban their employees from accessing third-party messaging platforms they would be “missing the point.” She also pointed out that updating company policies and procedures alone won’t cut it, as agencies like the US Department of Justice will be focused on how companies are communicating expectations to employees, what they are doing to monitor them, and what protocol they have in place for addressing instances of noncompliance.

Adding to the conversation, Scott said, “We’re still seeing people use their personal devices, even if they do have company-issued devices.”

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