As more clients use ITIL®—a standard for best practices in providing IT services—IT lawyers who are unfamiliar with the standard should familiarize themselves with its basic principles. This is particularly important as clients are integrating ITIL terminology and best practices (or modified versions thereof) into their service delivery and support best practices as well as the structure and substantive provisions of their IT outsourcing and services contracts.

Australian businesses and agencies should take note of amendments to Australia’s Privacy Act, which regulates how organizations collect, handle, and disclose personal information within Australia. The new amendments, which took effect on March 12, are described below.

Who is covered under the amended act?

The Privacy Act applies to any private sector business that has a turnover of greater than AUD3 million (USD2.7 million) or that handles personal information for a benefit, service, or advantage or any entity that handles health or other sensitive information.

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