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Knowledge sharing has long been an important element of academic research. And now collective sharing and governance of data assets throughout the scientific community, including for-profit participants, is gaining momentum.
Washington, DC partners Giovanna M Cinelli, Kenneth J. Nunnenkamp, and Stephen Paul Mahinka and Boston partner Carl A. Valenstein recently published a LawFlash on the recent action taken by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to implement a pilot program under the Foreign Investment Risk Review and Modernization Act (FIRRMA).
The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (IBIPA) has been grabbing headlines of late as class action lawsuits under IBIPA’s private right of action are piling up, but an Illinois state appeals court recently held that a plaintiff “must allege some actual harm,” potentially stemming the flood of litigation.
On Thursday, June 22, Morgan Lewis partners W. Reece Hirsch and Mark L. Krotoski and associate Jacob J. Harper will discuss best practices for defending against data breaches involving protected health information.
On October 6, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler released a factsheet outlining proposed rules aimed at protecting broadband consumers’ privacy, which would apply to internet service providers (ISPs) and cover data collection, usage, security, and breach notification.
As of September 30, Russian state authorities now reject tender submissions for supply of certain foreign electronic equipment if there are two concurrent submissions for supply of locally produced equipment. The ban applies to 113 types of equipment, including personal computers, printers, memory cards, mobile and landline phones, TV sets, cameras, microphones, and cash and ATM machines.
As part of our Sourcing and Technology Lunchtime Series, partners Michael Pillion and Peter Watt-Morse recently spoke during their webinar “The Next Frontier: How Robots and Automation are Changing Outsourcing and Technology Agreements.”
Last week, Morgan Lewis kicked off the sixth annual Technology May-rathon, a series of over 20 programs focusing on critical trends, developments, and issues in the technology industry.
For good observations on outsourcing developments and expectations for the biopharmaceutical industry, check out the recently released results of the 2014–2015 Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Survey from the appropriately named Nice Insight . The survey results show that the average number of services outsourced per company and total outsourcing expenditures in the biopharma industry continued to increase in 2014.
As a result of new regulations, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has greater authority to regulate drug manufacturers for failing to have adequate controls around supply chain management, including the authority to impose penalties.