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The Morgan Lewis Technology Marathon continues with these webinars on cybersecurity and cyberinsurance.
The Morgan Lewis Technology Marathon continues with these webinars on digital assets.
Join partners Mike Pierides, from our London office, and Peter M. Watt-Morse, from our Pittsburgh office, at 12:00 pm ET on Tuesday, May 17 as they share highlights from the top articles posted over the past year on our Tech & Sourcing @ Morgan Lewis blog.
Join partners Robert Mailer, Courtney C. Nowell, Andrew M. Ray, and Stephen C. Tirrell at 12:00 pm ET on March 30, 2022 as they delve into notable recent digital asset fund raises, trends in the market, the impacts of the proliferation of digital assets on private fund terms, and the approaches being taken by certain key players.
Join partners Mark L. Krotoski, Charles M. Horn and associate Martin Hirschprung at 1:00 pm ET on March 15, 2022 as they provide a summary of the existing and developing requirements faced by “banking organizations” following the publication of a final rule to notify their primary federal regulator within 36 hours in the event of certain kinds of computer-security-related incidents.
The Morgan Lewis M&A Academy continues on February 22 with the next presentation in “Track 2 | Getting the Deal Done – Specialists Matter” regarding key issues and considerations when companies are buying or selling technology assets. As technology and sourcing professionals, it is important to stay up to date on M&A market trends and deal issues relating to technology transfers.
On Tuesday, February 8, Morgan Lewis partner Doneld Shelkey and associates Christopher Archer, Oliver Bell, and Benjamin Klaber will discuss Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the legal issues they present as part of the Digital Disruption and Innovation webinar series.
Please join us on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 12:00 pm ET as Morgan Lewis partners Barbara Murphy Melby and Mike Pierides discuss the outlook for the outsourcing industry in the new year and what opportunities and challenges may lay ahead.