New California Employment Laws and Developments for 2013

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
01:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Morgan Lewis partners will present a webinar that will discuss the critical changes in the law, the impact of the new regulations, and recommendations for employers.

A wave of new employment legislation, case law developments, and other employment law trends stand to significantly impact the California workplace in 2013. With many of these new laws taking effect on January 1, employers with California operations must take prompt action to ensure compliance and to mitigate workplace law risk.

Topics covered will include:

  • Legislative developments related to the following:
    • Employer requests for access to social media (AB 1844)
    • Procedures and timing for providing personnel records (AB 2674)
    • Definition of "injury" for failure to provide accurate wage statements (SB 1255)
    • Requirements for itemized wage statements and Wage Theft Act notices for temporary workers (AB 1744)
    • Religious dress and grooming practices (AB 1964)
    • Expanded discrimination protection for breastfeeding mothers (AB 2386)
    • Method of calculating nonexempt employees' "regular rate of pay" (AB 2103)
    • Expanded whistleblower protections under California's False Claims Act (AB 2492)
  • Trends and significant decisions in California employment law
  • Cases to watch for 2013