AI in the Workforce: Hiring Considerations and the Benefits and Pitfalls of Generative AI

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM Central Daylight Time
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to increase efficiency, productivity, and innovation for new products and services. However, guardrails and policies are needed to identify and address unintended bias, misleading information, and other challenges that may impact the risks and rewards of integrating AI with business operations.

Join us as partners Kimberley Lunetta and Andrew Gray discuss the challenges of using AI from both an employment and business perspective—covering AI in hiring and the use of generative AI in business operations, including the legal risks when using the emerging technology and policies to implement to safeguard employees and employers.


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