Morgan Lewis Consulting LLC

Morgan Lewis Consulting, a wholly owned subsidiary of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, is a trusted adviser when business, law, government, and policy intersect. We bring acumen—and years of public decisionmaking and judgment—to both business opportunities and the resolution of challenging controversies. In critical business situations, our work often means the difference between success and failure. The group helps companies address issues from a 360° vantage point, integrating business and legal strategy to address the concerns of our clients as well as those of federal, state, and tribal policymakers.

The Morgan Lewis Consulting team has guided some of the world’s most significant global companies to success in realizing business opportunities and overcoming adversity. In the United States, our team has a command of the issues on the federal, state, local, and tribal levels. In cross-border transactions and controversies, including US multistate matters, we assist clients in navigating complex regulatory and law enforcement demands.

Morgan Lewis Consulting serves clients in virtually every industry in the United States and around the world, including those in the healthcare, energy, financial services, life sciences, retail, ecommerce, sports, technology, and transportation sectors.


Our leaders have previously held the following influential positions:

  • Nicholas M. Gess, associate deputy US attorney general; Maine assistant attorney general
  • Robert D. Goldbaum, senior vice president, Affiliated Managers Group; co-founder, HighView Investment Group
  • Harry I. Johnson, III, member, National Labor Relations Board
  • William D. Kissinger, senior official, White House and US Department of State
  • Timothy P. Lynch, senior executive, Motor Freight Carriers Association and American Trucking Association 
  • Sharon Perley Masling, commissioner’s chief of staff and senior counsel, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Philip A. Miscimarra, chairman, National Labor Relations Board
  • Jeffrey S. Moorad, CEO, San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Sandra Moser, chief, Fraud Section, US Department of Justice


In the United States, where state governments drive some of the most important policy and enforcement issues affecting businesses, our intimate knowledge of multistate attorneys general matters helps our clients navigate these challenging legal and regulatory minefields. With nearly two decades of experience, we are leaders in strategic guidance when states attorneys general focus on business activities.


Our team’s broad, bipartisan skills in public policymaking are based on a deep understanding of how government operates at all levels. This knowledge is enhanced by our years of private sector work as counselors and advocates for our clients. We build strategies to enable favorable outcomes for our clients, advising on potential congressional actions, monitoring and analyzing legislation and hearings, and creating a dialogue with policymakers when appropriate.


Established and emerging investment managers benefit from our strategic consulting advice based on wide-ranging industry experience and perspective. We address the full spectrum of business initiatives, including institutionalization of businesses to enhance franchise value; governance and succession matters; product and channel diversification; majority-minority and strategic minority investment structures; and operating autonomy governance arrangements.