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Rising Star: Morgan Lewis' Laura McNally, Law360

June 09, 2021

Partner Laura Hughes McNally was featured as a Law360 Rising Star for her work in high-stakes securities disputes. Laura discussed the importance of not just getting cases dismissed for her clients, but also narrowing claims at the outset to avoid bet-the-company situations. Laura uses her degrees in economics to aid in her securities litigation. “A lot of this comes down to damages numbers and comes down to expert disagreement, and that's an area that I just find fascinating,” she said. “I love working with the economic experts to come up with arguments that will get damages down to zero or get damages massively reduced in these spaces.”

But Laura’s proudest accomplishment was making partner while raising four children under six years old. “I'm proud to be at a firm where that was supported and to have had clients who had confidence in me even as they watched me come and go from multiple maternity leaves,” she said. “To let me come back and argue these very pivotal motions to dismiss in very important cases for them, that is an accomplishment I'm very proud of.”

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