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LGBTQ+ Workers Can Spot Pride Tokenism, Study Shows, International Employment Lawyer

Monday, June 3, 2024

International Employment Lawyer quoted partner Louise Skinner in an article in which she underscores the importance of employers not only having diversity and inclusion policies, but also actively enforcing them with clear support from management and senior leadership.

“To show LGBTQ+ workers that their dedication to inclusion is more than just tokenism, employers should demonstrate follow-through both in relation to any commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and any policies and procedures they have in place,” said Louise.

“If an employer has appropriate policies in place but does not enforce them, this can create a culture of silence and even fear,” said Louise, adding that, “clear support and buy-in from management and senior leadership can make inclusion efforts more successful and integrated into the fabric of a workplace, as well as send a clear message of support to LGBTQ+ workers.”

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