More companies are outsourcing recruitment process functions or are, at least, starting to consider the value of outsourcing these functions.
Multisourced environments provide competition and foster innovation across providers, but they also have resulted in the need for increased and focused contract management.
We have already discussed the increase in data breaches and the need to include data breach provisions in outsourcing contracts, but what should those provisions cover?
Recent headlines suggest, and the experiences of most companies demonstrate, the truth about data breaches—they are almost inevitable.
Your experiences may be different, but the excusable events that we see in force majeure clauses vary widely—from specific events that could not have been prevented to any event beyond a party's reasonable control.
The ERISA Advisory Council recently approved an investigation focused on the exercise of plan administrators' fiduciary obligations with respect to outsourcing investment management or other services under retirement plans.
According to the Everest Group, Ukraine’s IT outsourcing industry has been growing by more than 10% annually, and now has more than 25,000 full-time employees.
Just when we were getting used to the "cloud" way of things, new buzzwords are emerging to brand solutions that may replace (or more likely enhance) cloud computing.
As the outsourcing industry matures and contracts run their full cycles, we have seen an influx of deals that are expiring or up for renegotiation or resourcing.
A recent jury finding in Energy Transfer Partners LP v. Enterprise Products Partners LP may have far-reaching effects in how relationships formed through nonbinding letters of intent are interpreted, specifically regarding whether conduct can negate a previous agreement between parties.