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Our energy regulatory team published a blog post highlighting the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC’s) recently issued Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences for fiscal year 2020. The report documents key aspects of those events that the NRC considers “Abnormal Occurrences” (AOs) and allows the regulated community to review the operating experience of reactor, medical, and industrial users of radioactive materials.

AOs are unscheduled events that the NRC determines to be significant from the standpoint of public health or safety. In total, the NRC identified nine AOs in fiscal year 2020, eight of which were medical events involving the misadministration of radioactive material in the diagnosis or treatment of an illness, and one of which involved an unintended radiation exposure to an embryo or fetus during a medical procedure.

This resource may be of particular interest to Health Law Scan readers given the fact that all of fiscal year 2020’s AOs notably involved medical licensees and coincide with other trends involving nuclear materials licensees.

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