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With software as a service (SaaS) offerings here to stay as the preferred technology solution for many key business requirements, we are seeing more and more requests for escrow arrangements involving SaaS solutions.
As 2016 comes to a close, we have once again compiled all the links to our Contract Corner blog posts, a regular feature of Tech & Sourcing @ Morgan Lewis.
In our earlier Contract Corner post , we reviewed issues related to the term of a contract.
In some circles, lawyers have a bad reputation for being tricky little buggers who use tools like precision wording and careful drafting to “lawyer up” simple tried-and-true business concepts, such as “the parties will work together to . . . ” Whether or not trickery is ever intended, it is always very important to pay attention to not only what concepts appear in an agreement but also where concepts appear.
Companies’ increased awareness of the substantial costs and exposure associated with data breaches has motivated them to beef up their data security requirements in vendor contracts.
Most companies do not own all of the intellectual property (IP) rights that their businesses rely on. It is not uncommon for some portion of a company’s IP rights to be in-licensed from other persons or entities under a license agreement.
A regular feature of Sourcing@MorganLewis is our “Contract Corner.” In these posts, members of our global outsourcing and strategic commercial transactions practice highlight particular contract provisions and review issues and potential approaches to negotiating and drafting those provisions.
In our last Contract Corner post , we discussed the benefits of negotiating flexible termination options, including partial termination rights.