Consumer Protection Defense

Consumer-facing companies confront an array of challenges in complying with federal, state, and local regulations, and in dealing with the overlapping and sometimes conflicting investigations, enforcement actions, and litigation that may result. Our Consumer Protection Defense practice brings together lawyers from across our firm with extensive backgrounds in assisting consumer-facing businesses navigate the increasingly complex and highly regulated business environment.

Morgan Lewis lawyers have successfully defended hundreds of consumer protection matters throughout the United States in federal and state courts, and in administrative tribunals. We also have broad experience representing clients in regulatory investigations, and enforcement actions. We recognize that these matters must be responded to and defended with the big picture in mind. The reality is that whether consumer protection challenges begin with a federal, state, or local subpoena—or a class action complaint, pattern individual lawsuits, or more quietly with an inquiry from a consumer or government agency—they can rapidly change into complex, multifront battles with multiple agencies and plaintiffs pursuing the same conduct.

Successful outcomes are best achieved with a defense team that understands and handles the full range of potential issues and presents a unified defense. We have the capabilities to help clients achieve favorable outcomes and finality in these matters, and we are poised to handle our clients’ consumer protection defense needs whether they arise in the context of a single inquiry, investigation, or lawsuit—or from a multitude of parallel matters.