US Privacy and Data Protection Law Tracker

April 29, 2022

Organizations across the United States have devoted significant resources since 2018 to ensure compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and subsequent data privacy laws introduced by other state and local governments. To help companies and institutions of all sizes navigate the myriad challenges of this evolving regulatory landscape, Morgan Lewis is tracking developments in all 50 states as new data privacy legislation is proposed, enacted, and amended.

Organizations can leverage our US Privacy and Data Protection Law Tracker to stay up to date on the latest data privacy laws in the United States. Using the CCPA as a baseline, our tracker identifies key provisions of each proposed or enacted legislation, specifying individual rights, business requirements, data protection, breach notification, third-party requirements, and biometrics in each jurisdiction.

Our tracker covers the recent developments that companies need to know, including the 2022 Utah Consumer Privacy Act, amendments to the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, proposed federal legislation, and bills under consideration in more than two dozen states, as well as noteworthy local laws regulating the use of artificial intelligence and biometrics.

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About Our Data Privacy Practice

Our lawyers assist clients in virtually all major industries around the globe in understanding how these important changes affect their businesses. We advise on compliance with privacy laws, help navigate and manage cybersecurity attacks, and offer representation in disputes, including class actions and government investigations. In each area, our team provides a practical, risk-based approach to help our clients find suitable solutions to meet their business demands and goals.