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Consumer Protection Defense

Our market-leading consumer protection team handles the full range of issues affecting manufacturers of consumer products and providers of consumer services. We represent businesses in all types of consumer protection matters, including federal, state, and local investigations, and class action, qui tam, regulatory, and individual litigation matters. Consumer protection challenges often present themselves in a variety of forums and our team is positioned to provide full, coordinated, and effective representation of any and all related matters.

We have consumer protection experience at all levels of government and in state and federal courts throughout the United States. We defend matters in areas traditionally associated with consumer protection, such as advertising and marketing, as well as the growing number of areas where government agencies and private parties have looked to extend the reach of the enforcement tools and treble damages recovery measures associated with consumer protection enforcement. Our team includes a broad array of lawyers with specific subject matter experience to attend to compliance and risk management measures designed to limit consumer-facing companies’ exposure to investigations and litigation.