Press Release

Law360 Names Morgan Lewis Lawyers, Professionals to 2022 Editorial Advisory Boards

November 04, 2022

NEW YORK, November 4, 2022: In 2022, legal news publisher Law360 selected 21 Morgan Lewis lawyers and professional staff who work across an array of services and industry sectors to serve on its various editorial advisory boards in 2022.

The boards are composed of leaders in their field who are uniquely positioned to provide insights into particular practices or sectors, helping inform Law360’s coverage. Our representatives include several first-time members, while many others were asked to participate for a second or third year.

Morgan Lewis’s 2022 editorial advisory board members are:

  • Leland Benton, Capital Markets
  • Russell Bruch, Employment Authority (Wage & Hour)
  • Amanda Bruno, Legal Industry
  • Nicole Buffalano, Employment Authority (Labor)
  • Marjorie Crider, Banking
  • Ron Del Sesto, Telecommunications
  • Michael Espinoza, Project Finance
  • Tom Gede, Native American
  • Kirstin Gibbs, Energy
  • Kate Habershon, Tax Authority (International)
  • Greg Hartker, Tax Authority (International)
  • Brent Hawkins, Transportation
  • Kathy Keyser, Real Estate
  • Malaika Lindo, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Sarah-Jane Morin, Tax Authority (Federal)
  • Sandra Moser, White Collar
  • Sergio Oehninger, Insurance Authority (Specialty Lines)
  • Amy Schuh, Compliance
  • Stephanie Schuster, Appellate
  • Celia Soehner, Capital Markets
  • Cosimo Zavaglia, Tax Authority (State & Local)