Professional Team

Tony Licata

Anthony A. Licata

Chief Operating Officer

Amanda Bruno

Amanda M. Bruno

Chief Business Development Officer

Karen LoDico

Karen K. LoDico

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Naphy

Steven P. Naphy

Chief Information Officer

Colleen F. Nihill

Colleen F. Nihill

Chief KM & Practice Services Officer

Valerie Pearce

Valerie D. Pearce

Chief Real Estate, Procurement, and Operations Officer

Karen Queen-LeBoo

Karen Queen-LeBoo

Chief Human Resources Officer


Amanda D. Smith

Chief Engagement Officer


Mona C. Zeiberg

Chief Marketing Officer


Michele A. Coffey

General Counsel

Emily Carhart

Emily Carhart

Senior Director, Public Relations & Communications

Mitzi Cruz

Mitzi Cruz

Senior Director, Creative & Brand Management

Malaika Lindo

Malaika Lindo

Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Noelani Walser

Senior Director, Associate Talent