Energy Storage: A Global Opportunity And Regulatory Roadmap For 2023

March 2023

The renewable energy industry continues to view energy storage as the answer to its problem of how to maintain grid reliability with only sporadic energy production. Energy storage can transform intermittent clean energy—primarily derived from wind and solar—into a reliable source of 24/7 generation. As a result, energy storage has seen tremendous policy support from the public sector, including through federal investment tax credits in the United States, as well as a large influx of capital from private investors seeking environmental, social, and governance (ESG) focused investments.

The market for energy storage has grown on the coattails of the growth of renewable energy. But increasing costs, supply chain strain, competition with the EV market, and production delays may cause complications for the growing market. In this high-level report Morgan Lewis lawyers discuss the growth of the energy storage market, near-term issues and concerns, and global opportunities for 2023. 

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