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Please join us on Tuesday, November 2 for a one-of-a-kind program with an all-female panel to hear from leading industry lawyers and executives on what the future holds for fintech. These executives will discuss how they’re helping clients hedge risk using cryptocurrency and reimagining opportunities using the underlying technology.
For UK companies choosing between hiring employees or using independent contractors, there are important legal risks that must be taken into consideration. In addition, agile and remote workforces are a hot topic as companies around the world are considering new ways of working following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in the post-Brexit United Kingdom, the idea that people can work in any place at any time presents tax, data protection, and employment law challenges.
Please join us for a webinar discussing important commercial terms and regulatory principles that apply when taking healthcare-related companies digital. We will discuss business culture and regulatory differences, governance and compliance, challenges when marketing in the healthcare space, and more.
Please join us on March 2 for a webinar discussing key privacy and data security considerations in the context of M&A transactions. You may also be interested in our recent Spotlight with Ezra Church, highlighting the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act.
Please join us on February 16 for a webinar discussing how bias issues in artificial intelligence (AI) decisionmaking have become increasingly problematic. This webinar will consider why this is happening, how the issue is manifesting itself and the challenges it is creating, and actions that can be taken to minimize bias in AI.
Please join us on February 9 for a webinar discussing the impact of the pandemic on implementing managed services. This webinar will consider how a remote environment has changed transitions to a managed service environment and required modifications to provision and receipt of ongoing managed services.
Partners Don Shelkey and Baird Fogel and associate Eric Pennesi will examine the effects that developments in 2020 have had on the growing esports industry.
Please join us on November 19 for a webinar discussing the recent Court of Justice of the European Union landmark Schrems II judgment invalidating the EU-US Privacy Shield.
Please join us on September 17 for a webinar discussing GDPR issues. This webinar is part of our 2020 Data Privacy and Protection Boot Camp series.
Morgan Lewis partner Edward Hansen and associate Valerie Gross have been invited to present at the Shared Services Council meeting on October 16 on Contracting for Digitization Initiatives.