Brand & Product Innovation

By combining business acumen, technical training, and legal skills, our intellectual property (IP) lawyers protect and leverage our clients’ products, brands, and innovations. We advise clients through every stage of brand and product development, providing a coordinated approach that leverages patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret protections in the most cost-effective way, and guiding the marketing efforts so that they are compatible with and support the protection strategy. We partner with clients to define and implement product and brand protection objectives around the world.


Our full-lifecycle services include the following:

  • Providing guidance on the development process, including clean-room protocols to minimize risk to copyright and trade secret claims
  • Evaluating products
  • Implementing domestic and international patent, design, and trademark clearance and protection, and related advertising campaigns
  • Counseling on IP monitoring and enforcement, product design protection and litigation, and licensing and transactions

We take into account the nuances of trademark and trade dress, patent and design, trade secret protection, and copyright strategy in a coordinated, efficient way.

Our work on product and brand development includes transactions and agreements. We handle mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, strategic alliances, and corporate reorganizations, as well as a wide variety of innovative arrangements for marketing. We also have experience structuring global IP ownership structures, whether in the context of tax planning or M&A transactions.

Our product and product design protection work ranges from software, hardware, and the “Internet of Things,” to medical devices, industrial designs, fashion, home accessories, and a broad range of other consumer, technical, and pharmaceutical products. Our IP lawyers coordinate with other legal professionals to address unique product and marketing issues, including product safety, medical device regulation, import and export restrictions, and privacy regulations.