Class Actions & Group Litigation

Morgan Lewis has a long track record of success in US class actions at the federal and state levels in addition to representing clients in ground-breaking, high-profile collective actions and group litigation in the United Kingdom. In Asia, where class actions are beginning to emerge—as well as in other jurisdictions where procedures for multiparty actions are developing or expanding—we are well positioned to leverage our global capabilities and on-the-ground resources to assist clients drawn into these actions.

We also advise clients on the multidimensional, cross-border government investigations and follow-on litigation that often accompany class actions and group litigation. We manage investigations from the outset with a view toward offering a unified solution to the multifaceted challenges clients face, whether arising locally or internationally.

Our clients include companies of all sizes conducting business across a range of sectors. We recognize that multidimensional, cross-border litigation can present a serious threat to relationships with key stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees, and regulators. Keeping our clients’ business objectives at the forefront, we optimize outcomes as we work alongside our clients to advance their business goals.