Among the many ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are enhancing business functions, the inefficiencies and labor-intensive organizational aspects of the contracting process present many fertile opportunities for improvement through the application of AI.
Not that long ago, companies were concerned about the ramifications of putting all their data in a cloud, including how they would get that data out, so only certain discrete aspects of systems and storage infrastructure were being moved to the cloud.
Imagine a scenario where you are a new member of a deal team that has been working on the same deal day and night for months, but just can’t seem to close.
Join us on February 21 for a dynamic and gripping discussion on intelligent automation (IA) and its impact on businesses and the workforce.
Join us for a discussion on the five leading trends that will impact outsourcing deals in 2018. Morgan Lewis partners Barbara Melby and Ed Hansen and senior attorney Ada Finkel will address robotics and automation, data privacy and security, big data, customer experience, and business transformation.
Have you ever really thought about deal fatigue? Most people don’t realize that it’s a thing. Yet its real, it’s powerful, and it can drive a deal team to unwittingly act against its own interests at the worst possible times.
RPA & Cognitive Congress Dallas (RPA Congress) is bringing together service delivery and automation professionals on January 17−18 for a frank and pragmatic discussion about robotic process automation (RPA), the benefits and opportunities of this technology, and the real-world challenges of implementation.

When a company outsources, it is looking to engage a third party to provide a service—not to assume risks with respect to the third party’s personnel. In fact, a key concern of a company looking to outsource is that it does not expose itself to claims by the third party provider’s personnel, such as claims relating to compensation and benefits, co-employment, hiring and/or termination practices, visa and immigration issues, and personal injury (that should otherwise be covered by the third party provider’s workers’ compensation policies).

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