Global Conflict Zones

Entities with operations or investments in active conflict zones are faced with a daunting set of legal and business challenges. Our lawyers have long been trusted advisers helping companies, banks, institutional investors, and other entities to navigate the quickly changing framework of international sanctions, regulatory issues, and business conditions stemming from global conflicts—and to strike the delicate balance needed to respond swiftly and effectively in these dynamic situations.

Business and investments are ideally conducted in stable environments, and in the face of conflict or turbulent conditions, unprecedented issues can arise from related sanctions, technology trade and supply chain disruptions, rising energy prices, portfolio investment instability, insurance claims, cybersecurity concerns, and a divided employee base, among others. To help our clients meet these moments, we offer this centralized portal to share our insights and analyses on evolving legal developments and government guidance.

Our lawyers are fluent with local laws and practices (not to mention languages) in a wide spectrum of regions—helping them to address and overcome the challenges our clients face and understand what changes may need to be implemented in their global operations. 

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